Design System

Design system for scalable healthcare solutions

Crafting a cohesive design system for healthcare information platforms to achieve visual consistency across solutions, while optimizing efficiency through reusable and scalable components.

Create a comprehensive and adaptable design system to enhance the accessibility and usability of a multinational pharmaceutical platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

My role

  • UI Lead
  • UX Designer


Iterative Design Process

We utilized Figma to design the interactive components, following an atomic design approach. We focused on creating basic components (atoms) and patterns (molecules), resulting in a versatile set of elements for designing healthcare digital products. Throughout the creative process, we prototyped elements to test micro-interactions, gather insights, and validate design decisions efficiently

Accessibility & Responsive Design

Our key focus was to design and implement all components responsiveness in mind, ensuring a seamless experience for healthcare professionals across devices. Additionally we prioritized accessibility best practices, including contrast and text legibility.


The core of our strategy was the development of a robust design system, meticulously documented to facilitate ease of use for both designers and engineers. Each UI element came with comprehensive usage descriptions, variants, states, specifications, and other relevant considerations, serving as a guide for scaling solutions, streamlining processes, and maintaining visual consistency.




In just nine weeks, we successfully crafted a world-class product that met the objectives of healthcare professionals. By focusing on a design system, we not only addressed the immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for future scalability and consistency. This journey involved a collaborative iterative design process, a commitment to responsive design, and strategic documentation, resulting in a platform that empowers HCPs to access and store information seamlessly. The design system now stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and forward-thinking design in the pharmaceutical industry.


CLIENT: Reserved
cOMPANY: Accenture‍
UX: Juan Pablo Blandón, Gabriela delgado
UI: Juan Pablo Blandón, Gabriela delgado
DATE: December 2021