Multichannel communication

Designing a unified communication experience

This company provides flexible care solutions that enable treatment administration in settings convenient for both patients and healthcare providers

The challenge
Develop a set of materials to communicate the value proposition and encourage HCPs to adopt their program. All deliverables needed to be designed within a tight deadline of 6 weeks and with limited visual guidelines.

My role

  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI
  • Supporting PMs


The client requested four distinct deliverables: a Responsive Website, HTML Email Marketing, a Deck, and a branded video gallery. To ensure consistency across all deliverables and facilitate delegation to junior designers, I developed a Style Guide.

Style guide

This document standardized elements such as typography, colors, and backgrounds, allowing the team to work simultaneously on the deliverables while keeping a consistent experience and look and feel.

Responsive Web

I created low-fidelity wireframes to explore various design patterns and layouts to determine the most effective way to present the content. Using the style guide, I then translated these concepts into high-fidelity wireframes, showcasing the proposed look and feel for the website.

Other deliverables

For the other deliverables, I provided guidance on creative direction, gave feedback, and offered necessary support and assistance to ensure visual designers delivered high-quality designs on time.


In this 6-week project we delivered a set of communication channels where the HCPs finds all the information to understand and adopt the program.
I created a key tool that allowed me to split the work and deliver on time.

The client was impressed with the quality of the visuals and how we approached the problem.


CLIENT: Reserved
cOMPANY: Accenture
UX/uI Lead: Juan Pablo Blandón
Visual designer: Marcela Villegas
Visual Designer: Deavon Lynch
DATE: November 2022